Garr’s Legacy- Garr Fielding’s Ranch Antelope Island

  This is one of my favorite places to be, as oasis during the balzing heat of the summer, I know I can always pick up my camera and head to the Garr fielding Ranch on Antelope Island. It’s a short trip, certainly well worth the drive. I wanted this shot to have a feeling… [Continue Reading]


So if I could be anywhere this summer, this is where I would be….

Running through the desert semi-dressed feeling the earth beneath my feet and pursuing my passion in photography, only second to teaching.  I took this shot in a workshop taught by Bobbi Lane at the Santa Fe Workshops, I couldn’t have imagined that taking that during the workshop I would meet so many great loving people… [Continue Reading]


The Fine Art Collection of Actions From Marcel Walker Photographica Is Finally Here!

And here’s one of my favorites of this collection, Platinum Dreams. The blur layer easily adjusts to your own style.  For more to peak at check out the Store.



After a long painful journey, it’s official, Christopher will be staying with his fabulous parents, Sunny and Josh! I am constantly grateful to the big Buddha above for the opportunities that being a photographer has provided, but sometimes much more than others. I did this video for the Ketchum family a year and a half ago.  The… [Continue Reading]


Use Textures, Layer Styles, and Layer Masks to Make Some Magic of Your Own!

Want to add some pizazz to your pictures? Try exploring with textures, layer styles and layer masks! This last year, I wanted to give my mom something unique and from the heart so with a little thought I came up with this. It is a photo of my daughter with a several overlays including a… [Continue Reading]

Marcel Walker demonstrates how just a little time can add a lot of flair to your photos.

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